Berry Campbell, MD
Department of Ob/Gyn
USC School of Medicine
Two Medical Park
Suite 208
Columbia, SC  29203


Timothy Harkins, MD
102 Medical Park Court
Clinton, SC  29325












Ryan D. Cuff, MD
Department of Ob/Gyn
96 Jonathan Lucas Street
MSC 619
Charleston, SC  29425











Immediate Past President
Sharon I. Eden, MD
371 True Blue Road
St. Matthews, SC  29135







Past President
Amy H. Crockett, MD
890 W. Faris Road
Suite 470
Greenville, SC  29605






Chair, S.C. Section of ACOG
Amy H. Crockett, MD
890 W. Faris Road, Suite 470
Greenville, SC 29605

Vice-Chair, S.C. Section of ACOG
Dawn Bingham, MD
410 E. Woodbury Lane
Spartanburg, SC 29301